Problems with lori stash

After talking too some of my mates in the faction i realized that i’m behind of most people. I am at 14/28 while the other ones are at 16/28 right now. Even though i’ve been online every day since the beginning off the event. I was one of the ones who lost all progress at the beginning and i’m still behind the other ones.

Player Name: Dennis
Faction: Legends
Region: Blount
Device: iPhone 6s
OS Version: iOS 11.3
Kind regards, Dennis

Maybe your factionmates bought the Lori tokens from the store

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I’m at 16 and haven’t bought any… Everyone’s was reset at the beginning … But scopley gave 2 free as compensation so that’s why we are all at 16…maybe you missed the 2 freebies…even when you logged in that first day if you didn’t log in that night you would have missed the 2 frees…

I’m at 15 and I was gone for 2-3 days…

It’s probably due to them resetting the stash & not sending you the make up token. I’m at 15 in my main account & 17 in the other because they sent my token to the wrong region & they won’t correct their mistake.

I got the two freebies but somehow i’m still behind even tho i log in every day. It’s a bit unfair that all others have 2 extra days to level up lori.

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