Problems with champion arena anyone?

Is anyone else having problems with championship arena?? I used 1 ticket, it went in, i did 3 stages and then it showed “loading information” and the game exited and i lost the other 2 matches!!

Mine doing the same it made me exit after 3 and then I can’t entet that or raids aswell

I’m having issues as well

Same here

Yeah same here, cant get in at all

I can’t get it to load either. It just stays on the loading screen

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Same problème here, i have to reset the game every time.

So everyone should try to do champs arena so we dont get snubbed on the smelling salts and fac assault tickets we will get for apology!?!? Thanks for the heads up all!

It’s a 3 day weekend. No help probably until Tuesday way after champions is over.

Better do screen shots with your gold tickets everyone. Just in case

I am having the same problem, y’all think kind scopely may grant us 1,000 food for our troubles…doubt it!

No match… typically scope :joy: Keep up the good work guys

Yeah. I have the same issue here. Loading till a timout pops up. rest of game works as intended.

Yep same here,seems it always happens weekends and holidays…no one at home I take it

Ditto, same old …

Rip 9 rings or more :frowning:

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