Problems in War. Generals?


The strongest players in my faction are no longer generals. The game system is having problems and naming less strong players as generals


So have those weakest guys select the stronger ones as general


The new team grade system uses leader skill, weapons and mod bonus to calculate so someone may have ‘better’ toons but you may have better mods and weapons which raises your stats over theirs.


We have a player with prestige 13 and he is the only one in our faction with a lot of toons, gold mods and weapons. He is not the general…

And… it’s unpleasant to ask to transfer the general


Why is it unpleasant? I dont understand.


Because no one wants to be genny is my guess & it probably causes a fight.


I like being general, and I usually live the longest, which benefits my factionmates. -shrug-


Sometimes, one player thinks that he is not strong to get general


I’ve been hit by this in the current war. Previously I was never a general unless four or five of our top players were absent. Now suddenly I’m general every time. My camp is destroyed within two minutes and I’m pissed off. Meanwhile the previous generals rack up huge scores. I can’t believe that I’ve had a stronger team than they have had all this time. Something’s not right.


Maybe it was just time for the perma-generals to get a break for once. We have had the duty for years. I thought it was nice to not have to be the 1st down every war for once, and be able to rack up some points without coining back. Factions are teams of 30. Really everyone should get the pleasure occasionally. :wink::wink:


I saw a real mix of generals this war.
All wars were over inside 11 minutes anyway so not sure General mattered a lot.
Maybe against the strongest factions the General doesn’t get to use their 4 starting energy but that’s it


You don’t ask you just do it :rofl::rofl::rofl:
My faction always played General Tag. If the strongest player isn’t general make them general. Idu what’s the issue here lol


Pretty much they don’t wanna hurt lower players’ feelings by saying “give _____ general”


I can understand that but if lower level players have better teams than the rest of them they need to be general. Its hurting the faction. That general bonus helps a lot. Well maybe not so much now with the 100atk towers lol but before it did.


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