Problems and Fixes


We keep reading these complaints every day. Here’s a list so you can prevent tha game from dying.

Resources problem
Level up after level up -> No food and no survivors left
Fix: Increase farms production and drop gloves and shirts everywhere

Gear problem
Ultra rare roadmaps every 2 months → Can’t tier a character
Fix: Increase frequency

Ascension problem
Lack of Benedicts, ascendable medals → No chance to ascend
Fix: Reward them more often as milestones, events, whatever

Legendary problem
Super slow rate of new 6* → No diversity, Carl&Mira everywhere
Fix: 2 or more per week

Shop problem
Ridiculous offers → No one buys them
Fix: Sell useful stuff at a fair price

WAR problem
Long searches, low activity regions and same teams over and over → Less wars, less repairs and motivation keeps decreasing
Fix: CRW, merge

Rewards problem
Virtually no difference in 1st, 2nd and 3rd… → Why even try?
Fix: Encourage us to win tournaments for real prizes. No more 5* tokens for the winners, no more >1M points milestones.

Cheaters problem

Feel free to add more.

It’s up to you Scopely but you better hurry up.