Problem with the game: Scopely giving us useless free ascendables


This is my roster, there are many like it. But this one is mine, and most of these ascendables Scopely are handing out are useless!

My attack team has only changed two toons since May!
Seriously, it’s been over a year since 6 stars came out and F2P teams still run the exact same toons! Think about it:

Dwight - Too hard to actually get with the barrage of level ups and his items being top milestones
Wyatt - Useless, never see him used anymore.
Vincent - Lol, just lol
Lucas - Made useless by Andrea, didn’t see him used in the first place
Eugene - Rarely ever see him
Abe - Only saw him once, he sucked.

The login toons are slightly better

Maggie - I sometimes see her
Lori - Used on my attack team, though gov is probably a better option
Javier - Worse than I thought he’d be
Gator - This is awful, just awful.

Tell me if I missed any, but most of these toons just sit in my roster, never to be touched…
I don’t count token events because the odds of actually getting a worthwhile toon from them are slim. My pulls (2 Aris, Zeke and Red Andrea) are just one of the many examples of that.

Anyways, feel free to agree or disagree. Thanks.


I disagree. Free is free. Fodder is fodder. Don’t claim them or just use them as fodder. 5* ascendable Shane can always be a fancy Benedict.


I’ve put 0 effort torwards this 15th anniversary event lol, it’s an absolute joke.


You can get elite character tokens and weapon tokens from the roadmap, every pull can turn out lucky


That’s completely unrelated…


you didn`t even ascend that yellow Rick who is one of hardest hitting fast characters. I wish i had him, also Javi is great, so maybe you do not know how the game works and how buffs and debuffs work, plus impair active


I don’t have any good enough yellows to put around him, but he’s prob gonna be ascended sooner or later.


I have non ascended Aris and Duane but they aren’t good


Well, free is free I guess. But who wants free trash?


Yeah, I see your point, but what about existing players? And giving new people bad toons certainly isn’t helpful to them.


Trouble is if you don’t engage the FTP players you are back on the road to dying regions and people having to relocate to make the game playable.

I’m not going to argue that PTP players pay the wages and should have premium toons, but they need a world to dominate in and that is made up of us FTP people. If we get disillusioned we move on, we have invested nothing other than time so it’s less of a wrench.

I get the OP, I played Abe, Carl, Shiva, Glenn & Zeke for 6 months. By staying in a dying world I won an Anna so dropped her in for Zeke. I had 3 anniversary pulls with no real game changer. I used the new coins from the league on a 10 pull and got 10 x 4*s. My token pulls inevitably result in a dupe or something lesser than I already have. I have no shields, no revives and very little enthusiasm. It gets tedious.

Surely there must be a way of rolling out the premium toons after 6 months or so to motivate the FTP people and keep them playing ? Do the payers expect an edge forever even if it destroys the world they live in ?


3 out of 5 of these characters are free and i can smash a lot of teams, erika-magna included and yesterday i got 5star Romanov from the 3 year tokens pull. As bad as you say Javi is, i cannot find a reason to take him out for Romanov, so i will probably take out the command Kelly. And i`ve been only playing for 4 months.


Lol yes, my team doesn’t change for a very good reason, RNG.


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Those prizes aren’t for you.
Please accept and/or complain about things that aren’t for your level. Your life will be better for it.


agree with u i am done raiding cral teams too


raid based content.It’s not even characters tho at this point.It’s mods and I don’t even see them for sale much anymore lol


Your complaint about Dwight is that he was hard to get, not that he’s bad. You don’t even have him…

Also, you’re only talking about specific characters. What about the good F2P characters that you don’t have?

Where’s Connor? Governor? New Zeke/Mira? They might not be ideal for your current attack team, but it doesn’t mean you can’t create a new efficient one.


I heard Connor is bad, I just got gov actually, as a 5 star. Zeke and Mira I haven’t had the chance to play with yet and I doubt I’ll get them, as I’m only at 9k purple league tokens. And I was addressing the toons Scopely specifically hands out easily.
Like in daily logins and collection events.


99% of the teams I face I have been facing for a year, there’s no variety.


I heard Erika is bad… so I guess we just gotta trust what people say :man_shrugging:


Yep I’ve heard every p2w character is bad from the whales themselves. They told me they are cursed with the burden of pulling a new one every week.