Problem with proper calculating the AP generated with attacks




I found a problem related to combat.
Madison lead + Huge AP when attacking should give 20+10+8 AP each round. So after second attack toon should have 76 AP generated. Thats the theory.

But in game id doesnt work like that.

I have a team:
Madison lead (huge), mira (huge), Glen (huge), Shiva (v large), Erika( huge).
First round mira shoots and generates 37 AP (not 38 as calculated). Madison shoot and gets 38.
Round 2 Mira shoots again and gathers total of 76 AR (39 gain ? ) and Madison shoots and is left with 73 AR total. Targets dont have AP down or any other AP modulating traits.

Things like that happen randomly - sometimes Mira and Madison both end up with 76 AR, sometimes both with 73.

What is happening ? Maybe i dont know some mechanics but i think it shouldnt happen. I have a video recorded of a fight when you can clearly see what is going on. I can put a link to it later. We already analized this video ourselves and didnt find anything that could explain this behaviour.

Please advise



Madison doesn’t give 8 on attack. She’s a large lead… she gives 6. So it’s actually 36 which equals 72.


Holly crap … ur right ! She is large leader :smiley:

but it doesnt explain why it generates 37 AP on first round ?


Not sure why it’s 37… should be 36.


You are wrong large ap give you exactly 6.5 points.
normally in r1 it is rounded up to 7. in 2nd round you get only 6 which is in total the 6.5 over two turns.
somehow scopely is internally not calculating with rounded numbers but float. You will see this also when you test with ap bonus special skills.

so madison lead and huge ap should give you without enemy hits
r1 37ap
r2 73ap


Ok thanks men !!

i just checked that Large is 7 not 6. But as it seems its 6.5

THX a lot


Hmmmm that’s interesting, and stupid all at the same time. Makes sense though with all the other stupid stuff.


7 not 6


Maybe mira suffered from bleed or burn giving her some ap? Because jumping from 37 to 76 is still odd. Maybe you didnt count a hit on her that gave her 3 ap?


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