Problem with not getting the right amount of food on sr


@kalishane these two pictures is from the same lvl of the sr event one was taken right as the lvl was completed showing I earned way more food than I actually got and I would have gotten more gear as well too and I didn’t receive it and I’ve noticed this for a while it’s also happening on the regular world and road maps as well


This isn’t right that we’re not getting what we are actually earning and this has gone on for quite some time now and I’ve just kinda ignored it but I’ve noticed this for a very long time on all of the stages completed throughout the game


The 141, 800 is a combination of food and wood.

38, 712 + 103, 088 = 141, 800.

Hope that clears it. :slight_smile:


Don’t bring logic and facts to the forums!


Grand the character count as on item so 1+1+3+1 = 6 so no problem here