Problem with my buildings

Hi guys!

I am a Brazilian Player, and I have a little problem.
I try to evolve my CityHall for the 18th level, but i dont have materials enough. I have four deposits and I accumulate 1450.000; I need 1490.000 for to evolue my CityHall. The support say for me to build more a deposit, but, I dont have space, and cannot recycle anyone building. I dont know what to do.

U can only hold max amount of 1450?

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You should be able to build material storage to reflect wood earnt

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If so u need to upgrade the material storage buildings to hold more


Yes, my deposits is in the max of the capacity

Yes, with 4 deposits level 17. Max. 1450.000

Upgrade these buildings


You can have 5 deposits. Salvage something and start building one more material storage.

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ultimate brazil newbies ^&^

you can have 5 material storage.

I understand. But, i dont have Space for building one more. I think that have recycle a building… I think

Which building should I recycle to build another deposit? I dont know if it can be anyone …

It’s in the same category with these so I’m guessing one of them. Someone confirm this please, don’t want to make him salvage the wrong building lol

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Workshop if you have more than one.

That is correct.

I will recycle a Workshop and to build a food storage. Thanks

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Food storage???

Material storage

Lol. Am. I being trolled.

You need the Green one!

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