Problem with Mission and Onslaught finish times

Because the Mission collection finishes when Onslaught finishes rather than lasting 12 or so hours afterwards, you are basically denying all of your Asian, Australian and New Zealand players from collecting the final mission rewards, since we are human beings and, well, you know… sleep.

It’d be rather unfair to be punished for our timezone.

Is this going to be considered?


Can’t tag for some reason, can somebody tag GR, JB, Forum Admin and Taytron?

@GR.Scopely @JB.Scopely @ForumAdmin @TayTron

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You’ll get them in your inbox


You 100% sure?

They’ve always given time in the past to allow people time to collect, so why would this be the case if it just appears in your inbox? Not saying it doesn’t, just don’t understand why time for collection would have been given in the past.

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I still have those from last event


Fair play then. I remember complaints from previous events a couple months back where people hadn’t collected and the response from some was ‘you had enough time’. So got rather worried when I saw the timers.
Thanks for that screenshot evidence, that takes away the concern.

I think last time was with some tokens expiring at the same time as the wheel.
I think in that case we got screwed (I recall to loose some pulls and support just replied me the f word)

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