Problem with CRW

Hello, I really think that the game support has not reported anything and it is really annoying, I do not know if it is 4 or 5 times that it happens exactly the same and there is still no clear answer, no less a solution.
as it is possible that even in spite of the hundreds of claims and I repeat for 4 or 5 times we face vs 3 regions with the same schedule. In our region and as it has been explained to the support of the game has about 90% of Latin people, the time difference against (FR) is between 4 and 6 hours or even more, this is not really fair for us. @kalishane

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Thanks for flagging - we’ll look into this.


Spoke with design and we’ll be adjusting this for the next event.


Thank you very much, I did not think they were so empathetic, I greatly appreciate your time <3

I mean no ill will but I would assume you guys shouldn’t need to be told this…also, there are regions who have faced the same region 2-4 times now in CRW…like how the hell does that even happen?? :neutral_face:

I would literally quit the game if I was in one of those unfortunate regions. Unless…its cheating regions matching each other :wink:

yeees we know it, but in this case 3 of the 4 regions have a very similar schedule, (fr) and only one is left out, even though a couple of regions have been repeated in the same way






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Please fix our CRW match making too!

We’ve been experiencing the same problem forever despite my countless feedback to customer support.

Does this mean all regions will be fighting different regions? CRW is getting stale fighting the same regions all the time

How active are the factions this is an issue for? My faction is 2/3 Russian/American/Canadian, remaining 1/3 is Europe and Asia. We are active around the clock, so I did not realize the concern expressed in this thread was actually a thing. All the top factions in our region maintain international membership.

I think nobody understood what I asked, I asked that it not be repeated 3 (fr) vs 1 (es). Anyone who knows that if 3 zones have the same schedule and one that has 4-6 hours less makes a noticeable difference.

1.-Not all regions have people from all continents.

2.-As it is written, “90% of us are Latin people, I do not understand why we are faced with 3 of (fr)”. This is what I was referring to, which has been repeated several times

and as a coup de grace I think it has only been with us that this joke happens

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