Problem that MUST be address IMMEDIATELY!


I want to know how to talk to Albert/whoever is in charge of prizes on behalf of community.

SERIOUSLY 4-5-6-7 regions vs each other for these rewards. The rewards should 110% be better then what they are by a mile.

I truly don’t know how I’m keeping my cool, and I get why people are going crazy or quitting left and right. Wish I didn’t LOVE this game.

I started the last revolt, I am really trying to refrain from doing that again…but it seems thats the only way to get a point across…

I know my post are seen by the mass majority of the community, this is my last effort before I walk away for good. I cant take it anymore.

I want to know from any employee how I can privately have a conversation with Albert or who ever is in charge. Anyone who can give me that info privately.

Control is lost.
Not a joke.
Im serious as a heart attack.
At least before “I quit” I’m gonna try.

Please everyone encourage them to let me speak to whoever is in charge or I must to fix these prizes.


I just don’t get it. I really don’t. It’s like they want us to quit. Every time I think it can’t get worse it does… how… how can a game be so disconnected from the player base?? There’s no way someone thought this was acceptable.


Gov is a voice of the community. Give the man a shot


Dilly dilly!


good luck buddie


Now you know their secret. Imminent danger is ahead …:rofl:


Yoda knows best :joy:



Since nothing seems to change it makes me feel like the staff on this forum aren’t taking our request, complaints and concerns to where they need to go. The majority of people here are disgusted with how things are going but nothing is getting addressed. It just gets worse. So maybe it would be a good idea to have someone from the customers side speak with someone who makes the decisions at Scopely. Something needs to change or a lot more people are going to quit. What happened to “The players first attitude?”


Top factions are not all spending at least not on events.

My region Talbot has been coin free in wars pretty much since the return of war so a good few months now.

It was not hard to implement and its prob the only reason the region is still doing ok.

We actually managed to convince he last crw to go coin free too and while they had to adjust it was a fun war.

I’m in the number 1 faction in my region and we are not at the every one wants to quit stave because of our players not being forced to spend.

Let’s be honest if you are a coin region you don’t win war u end up buying it.

Worst part is if you take away the coin the results always end up the same with the top spots being taken by the same set of factions.

Why ppl piss money away on the shit prize pool they have been rolling out is beyond me, 5s that are not acendable = Benedict simple.

U may get use out of a very limited pool of 5s but they are done and when t4 6s are more in fashion even the 5 deniers will see the truth.

What scopely should do as they cry some rubbish about not being able to offer acendable 5s as a reward is offer war tokens instead of 5 star tokens.

This would be a new wheel that would only have acendable 5s and the chance of them at 6 star.

Unlike the regular 5 wheel tokens for this wheel would ONLY be war reward so no offers or anything selling them.

Something has to give.

Territories are stale

Faction assault while it seemed great when u smash t5 over and over and see it’s just the same thing then it just becomes a task rather than fun.

Level ups… do i really need to comment.

Even survival road tournament’s if you know how to clear sr easy again it’s just a task rather than something fun.

This war weekend as an example u are offering prizes that unless you are absolutely stupid u know are totally useless to the actual factions that stand a chance of winning them, yes u may see the odd player say the rewards look good but if you actually looked into the ppl making these comments u will prob find they are in no position to actually win so to them obv the prizes look ok.

I ain’t gonna say I’m gonna quit or anything because when it’s time to go u just go u don’t need to make a fucking post to say look at me I’m gonna quit give me attention.

@kalishane you really need to feedback that what u are offering as top 3 prizes are more worthy for about 6th down, this is not an insult I’m trying to be constructive the prizes are no good for the ppl that stand to win them


As others have mentioned, as long as spending continues, Nothing will change. They will continue to set the bar lower and lower to see what they can get away with. This type of shit is why mainstream games are being ruined with loot boxes.


You aint startin shit… (in hopes it triggers you to start a movement.) :wink: