Problem in raids

Hello everyone from last night I’m notice that when I raid someone actually I dont take same point in solo league ??:thinking:

Those trophies aren’t from raids but from territory battles, at least looking at the multiplier and trophy count. And the FA ticket count

Still dosen’t make sense for me before is dosen’t matter from where I make they was same , I say that because I always watch my score and points and is still strange for me

Better Proof too see I’m not crazy lol :sweat_smile:

How often does the league ranking refresh? I would wait like an hour and then see

This is like that from yesterday

Go to territories and do an attack against a non-walker team. Take a screenshot of the trophies and assault tickets you get from it. I’m almost certain the numbers will be the same from your first post

I think the point is the total number of trophies on the battle reward screen is higher than the total on the solo league screen by roughly 500, not necessarily where they come from is the mater at hand.

This is when I win in territory

Raids -_-

That photo is identical to your inital one

Are you not noticing the overall total of solo trophies on the battle reward screen underneath the x48 for winning a territory battle and how it is not the same as their total on the league screen?

Oh okay … I can’t upload video to see it… but whatever maybe it’s from me…

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