Problem champions ticket

Hi I can’t play arena don’t let me use the champion ticket, someone has the same problem? Support always respond the same restart the game, wait 15min, change the map etc, so there is no support really for the players.

Appreciate if someone knows how to fix the problem thank u

How about wifi? Im actually being serious. Maybe its ur wifi???

No my wifi is ok, only don’t work the acces to champion arena but I have 1 ticket to play is a shame actually go top 3 in my league to diamond V and for that there is 25k thropies less against all and support don’t send me anything to try fix the problem, like I’m a f2p support don’ t pay attention there is no the first time i have problems with the game

Maybe try handle it with patience. And i mean high levels of patience, wait 5 minutes if needed. If ur bored do other stuff

Thanks Drew1 but don’t fix it, shame no rings for me this week :frowning: and like always scopely don’t do anything

Well to be honest, maybe i dont know what to do. Sorry man, i feel bad u cant do the champion arena

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