Probably already answered somewhere..region transfer

If we want to transfer regions and have 2 accounts one being on the one you want to transfer to. If you transfer that account to a new region does that use your only key? Or do you have a key per region?
Do your achievements transfer? I heard that league tokens don’t, can anyone help a girl out lol.
Sorry if this has been answered already I’ve looked at a few threads but not all.
Thanks in advance!



Each region, if available for transfers has its own key. If you transfer one region to another region that you already are in you will overwrite that game data. Make sure you move out of that region first before moving into it, many players have done that by accident or by being careless. League tokens transfer as in the currency to use in stores. Your faction league progress does not, you will have the progress of the faction you join unless you start a new faction which currently will be in bronze but the new update is correcting that.

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Yes, did that first. Read about 4 different threads didn’t answer my questions. Posted new topic. Thanks!

Thank you for answering and not being a jerk about it!

It’s addressed in the main topic posted when transfers opened. Second link if you search “region transfer”.

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