Probability of Getting Erika on the last pull of the stash?

Ok so they got me. I went all in on the stash, and guess what. It took all 60 pulls to get her. What are the changes of that? This has to be rigged.


Well she only has a .02% chance so I would say that is exactly right on the money and speaking of money how much did she wind up costing you to do all 60 opens?


Snap! How much did the 60 pulls cost? Why don’t scopely just give this information from the beginning…uugghhhh

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I seen somebody get her from the first pull. No bs either.

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It could still be 0.2% on the last pull or higher. We don’t know how the odds change after pulling from the stash, since you can’t pull the same specific item twice.

So assuming you pulled all of the legendary gear from the stash(and only legendary gear), the odds of pulling an Andrea might be 0.2% out of 86.5% is one possible scenario.

I got her on the last also…but I pulled jesus 6* shield from victory tokens and hit prestige 12 so an awesome stash…

Last time the stash had reducing token numbers, but this time the last 3 boys had 7, 8 and 10 tokens to finish the stash

Last coat was $65 aussie dollars, didnt bother adding them all up but someone previously said $225 USA?


Yes 225 us

Pretty sure the odds of pulling andrea are 0% :smirk:


Got Erika on first pull.

got her on 1st coin dropped. posted about the irony of it on my faction chat. a week of survivors club and nothing but 4 star crap. 1st pull for free and get erika. oh the irony

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