Pro tip on how to use Six Star Harlan effectively

Lilith. That’s it.(20 chars)



Great advice, I was totally expecting some bs that if she was behind magna shield with Erika lead crap glad it wasn’t that lol he is a great lillith​:+1::rofl:

Supply Depot tap
Sell Characters tap
Harlan tap
Confirm tap
Spend supply points on something useful


Do you also sell Lilith in the depot?

Good post OP, just had one directly 6* and that’s exactly how I’m planning to use him :slight_smile:

Yeah man, mad supply points. Bought me a whole army of 4★ characters and a sweet 5★ Morgan

I have Harlan, why y’all bashing smh

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hes the caroline/pete/wendell(?) of the 6*

Harlan is OP. Need a nerf. :smirk:


His active skill can work well with a damage character tho. I run him behind Andrea

Duane does the same thing and he stuns and hits 3

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My Awesome defense team with gold mods tip how to kill them.1 Stack damage 2=dead. Money wasted $100000000000000000 gg

Concise and insightful, great post!

Get him huge bonuses to AP when attacking and taking damage + stun when defending. When he is the only one left, he may stall the opposite team for a long time.

Your welcome :). I spent a lot of time to make this post.


he’s better than beta, in my opinion.

Beta stuns a line I’d rather use beta in a raid over Harlin only toon I’d say maybe is worse then Harlin is yellow negan

meh. beta has never remotely been a threat to me in raids.

Oh don’t get me wrong beta is complete garage but if I had a limited roster and I had to pick between beta or Harlin I’d pick beta any day of the week

I’d take Harlan.
He’s a healer at least.
Beta has nothing going for him.