Prizes in League Ladder?


500k plus war points will get you promoted to higher division. I finish SR and get 5k tokens. Get top milestone in raids, and never use cans outside tournaments. And use free territory energy. Im Diamond 5 for a week, back to Diamond 4 next week.


Was 32nd in Diamond 4 before war, ended up 2nd in league. Scored 600k in war. Didnt buy anything. Just used the cans accumulated in during previous wars. Managed to get around 35raid cans and some world energy cans. Will be using raid cans to get to high milestone in raids without the need of buying any cans. Its either grind or pay, you choose. I play a lot during wars. Other events don’t really bother.


Exactly. This is my last war score and my previous ones have been over 500k too. War is all you need, I could care less about any other event unless is a faction one


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