Prizes in League Ladder?


Cna someone tell me & show me which Prizes there are in League Ladder from Diamond League I and above ? :slight_smile:


Diamond 5


All that extra time and effort required for a lousy 60-100 additional coins. :rofl:


For the majority of us in these higher leagues there is no “extra” effort exerted just for the sake of leagues. It is just our normal daily and event activity. So really we are getting bonus rewards for our normal grind. :grinning:


Normal grind? There’s no way you’ll be able to remain in a decently stacked diamond 5 league if you’d be playing casually. There’s usually a ton of resources to burn through if you want to be in diamond 5.


Yeah, that’s a crock I was D1 up until two weeks ago and it required a lot of my time, effort and raid cans. I could only imagine how much would be required to maintain D5.


I basically got there with just war. Im gonna get relegated to diamond 4 and next week I’m gonna get promoted to diamond 5 again when war comes. I barely do anything in other events so I wouldnt say its a grind. I do hard in war tho but bc I like it, everything else like raids i barely participate. Not hard to get there


What are we talking about here pts wise? I put up 150k last war, finished SR, use up all my terr energy when allowed and at least 12 raids a day but only did 700 pts for the raid tourney and it was still only enough to keep me in D4. I wouldn’t say I’m inactive in fact I spend way to much time in the game as is. So once again I can only assume little to you is a hell of a lot for most of us.


Barely participating is an overstatement and you know it. Assuming you finish around 20th place (idk what the scores are in dia5, I’m dia3 ish) on the leagues leaderboard in a solo raid tournament you wouldn’t even be getting half the trophies 1st place would get.

The likelihood of a bunch of players in dia5 magically going inactive during war is pretty slim. Possible, but slim. Unless you score a huge amount more than your contenders for that sweetspot, you won’t get it done with war alone. And let’s be fair, there’s a lot of very strong and active players wanting to remain dia5.

Edit: There’s a massive difference between your average dia4 and dia5 leagues, and there are most definitely weaker dia5 leagues. I’m aware of that.


By little to me I mean this, dont use territory energy at all unless my faction needs help with crits. Raiding I maybe raid like 20sh raids a day when my energy is full. Survival road I only use my free energy. But like I said, in war I do go hard, and that’s where I get my points, everything else I dont really bother with.


Resources = $$$


Players dont magically go inactive during war I just war so much I outscore them and war alone does carry me to diamond 5 but when its not war weekend I get relegated everytime. I dont bother with other events or wasting raid cans just get trophies. I dont know why I’m even offering, but I can show you ss since there is a raid event i can show you my current score and previous ones to show you I dont care about raids.

I dont finish 20sh in raid events. In solo league raid events I finish like high 40s lol, which is 5k trophies I think.


Normal grind is probably defined different for many. I don’t sit and burn cans for the sake of league points is what I’m saying. I’m guessing most don’t. I never used the word casually, not sure where that came from.


I never said it didn’t require effort, just no “extra” effort. I hit milestones, plus some, in all events, burn any natural energy, I have rest the time. I play exactly the same now as I did before leagues. We all have different activity levels, and leagues rewards are a perk for doing what we already were doing.


Time and effort > $$$. I know a ton of p13 players who are completely useless in war because they have to be elsewhere. All 3 only get you so far, but from my own experience, time and effort matter more than the money you got to / are willing to spend.


Enjoy the extra 100 coins for your no “extra” effort then. You earned them. :rofl:



I will. Thanks! :wink:


This guys are so salty lol. I know you are probably like me and probably dont care much for other events except war. That’s where the trophies are at.


I’m not implying you’re burning cans outside of raid tournaments at all. I do, however, think it’s significantly harder remain in a competitive dia5 lobby if you’re gonna sit back during raid tournaments. I already notice that difference in dia3 and expect no difference in more stacked leagues.


I basically sit back in raid and survival road tournaments and dont use territory energy and I switch between diamond 5 and 4. War is all you need in my opinion and play style