Prizes for Blitz

I believe these are on the low end of what should be in there


It’s a blitz, what do you expect 6 5* pulls


Blitz is not actual war tbh theese are decent
It’s actual war prizes that tend to suck because in a actual war you expect good toon but in blitz it should be tokens
Let’s be real blitz lasts one day soooo

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Lol maybe 10 5* pull

More than 1 single pull on the stash or not even 1 pull for a 4* weapons.
1,000 RTP tokens like the solos. It may be blitz but it is still a war

But the beauty of blitz is they come in twos so after this blitz there be a solo then this blitz again so your gonna get a pull anyway on weapons

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If you are first. You get one five star, 1.5 weapons and 2 pulls on second stash (call it three with badges). For a 48 hour war in essence. These are on the low end

Enjoy the war, the prizes are decent. Or would you rather another level up?image


Level up will be fine with me. All about reward vs output.
Remember they skipped a full war and stated they would redistribute the war prizes throughout the week. This doesn’t not look like that to me.
You think they are decent/adequate, that’s good, for me, they fall short. That’s all

That gif didn’t work when you edited the post to add more :((

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He does realise there’s a war at the end of da week right so skipped for 1 war for technically a week of war lvl ups can fuk off tbh

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Start time anybody?

2 hour 47 minutes I believe


Thank you! :blush:



No! Clearly no! Not another level up!