Prizes are too low for CRW


With CRW becoming more competitive with more active regions, i think the prizes are not good enough.

In my opinion this is more the kind of prizes you could give in a blitz CRW war, but i think 1 pull for only 1 faction among 8 regions is a bit low. Now if they’d double the prizes, 1 lucky faction would have 2 pulls. And 5 other factions would have at least 1 pull.


I think the tokens should be doubled. The lower facs only get 10-5 tokens which is wow… super bad and poor. I don’t even think 1st place is enough for the effort and time put into CRW if you look at war scores.


Yeah it’s what i said above, so we agree. Doubled prizes would cut it. But knowing scopely’s greediness it will never happen.


The milestones look great though, that`s just my opinion


that why i think CRW is just big pile of trash and i hate it. Probably again with Bell server or other asian p2w crap to deal with it


Prizes for CRW has pretty much been that way… which is why I keep saying the prizes are worse than regular war, but no one listens…


Rewards were better with the split wars…


no match ups yet??


No, not really. Token rewards pretty much the same, At least there’s a chance for GPS/Canteen here.

I agree the rewards are too low though. Winning a standard region war often includes 100 tokens, this just limits us to 100 token winner per 8 regions rather than just one.

It is poor, CRW should be seen as the games premier event, instead its a 3 day grindathon with only one decent prize.


Only way to put it.


Guess the ‘‘good news’’ of it being a full CRW this weekend didn’t last long.
If prizes are just COPY&PASTE then why make it seem like its hard to change things?? lol
such a mindfucking company


I agree, CRW need a lot of more effort.

But if we are saying that, scopely will do the opposite thing to do.
Keep the same prizes for CRW and lower the prizes for normal wars.


You know what I think scopely should do in a fundamental rethink? Split the regions in to pay to enter with better prizes and free to play where you accept the prizes won’t be as good. That would solve problems like whales and make the game fairer for everyone.

I mean they should have regions for beginners/new players and then stagger region/entry requirements into higher regions with progressively better prizes. That way ppl who just want to log on for the day and shoot zombies for 10 minutes can do so and ppl who want to play against ppl at their own level can do so too. It seems to me to be very simple indeed.

We would also see how good ppl really are at this game, not just how quickly they can progress if they spend money on it.


Yeah I agree dude too many whales out here all running and hiding from each other going to low level regions so they can dominate and get easy top prizes @JB.Scopely this is a issue that needs to be addressed


I don’t think this dosen’t really work. If a p2p factions vs another p2p faction. It’s not really gonna be skill it’s gonna be who has the largest amounts of coins and would ruin the fun for both factions. In the current state P2P factions would kill F2P easily and move on to find a new target. The F2P version of prizes must be boring if the prizes are to change. Yes it would be more fun for F2P but then again they won’t be as rewarded for playing the game and putting countless of effort in to a war. That’s my opinion if this was to happend.


Leagues are structured in this way. Look at top100 players/factions.
At the end of the day the Diamond level is full of “proud whales” fighting each other for bragging rights (and few coins/tokens).


Yes I agree re leagues but leagues just encourage the whales to jump to what they see as the east factions so it isn’t solving the fundamental problem of f2p being forced out by p2p the whole time. Or how disheartening it is for new players to be thrashed by p2p when they first start playing. Scopely should be keeping a better eye on growing its loyal fan base.


rewards are almost same, and milestones are good for this crw, i like it.


@JB.Scopely 6-10 get 25 and 11-25 get 15 tokens… you do realize that there are plenty of number 1 and number 2 factions who will fall in this category.

With 3 year tokens not being available anywhere outside this, players are basically warring for sd points. Very sad.


This is why crw sucks unless your in a whale faction. Top factions in some regions will end out of the top 10 because whale factions dominate crw. Prize structure for crw definality needs to be reworked.