Prizes and the will to play

What I am about to post is so infinitely obvious that even a closed door that needs to be opened in order to get into the next room is less obvious, but here goes anyways.

Why would I bother spending and competing in any event at present with the piss poor quality of prizes that are on offer? NONE
Why would I grind out leagues if the prizes are just utterly terrible? NONE

There is no desire for me to compete or to push the extra mile because you, Scopely, have zero clue as to what we the player-base want.

Make simple changes and your revenue will increase… it really is obvious.


Just about everyone has the same 2 shield 3 revive fully modded out team going for them and that requires heavy spending so something tells me that even thought the game is being run like crap its not hurting the bottom line in the slightest.

The game is over as we knew it. Now it’s either keep spending or GTFO. Just wait for the the new batch of leaked stronger 6-stars to arrive. A whole new wave of spending is on the way.

Tbh I love this game and I love competing. I don’t care about rewards. I just care about having fun and trying to be one of the best. I may pay sometimes and get aggravated but then I realize it’s just a game.


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