Prizes after this wheel let down


We want 5s ascendable toons or 6s across the board in all tournies anything else is unacceptable . We have waited long enough let’s get back to the game .


Yeah I agree. Just saved 100k 5* tokens. Got no ascendables out of the 10 and 2 were repeats. Why play a game just to be rewarded with worthless toons you won’t use, except during level ups that we all can’t stand. They need to make a new wheel. Make the 4* wheel the 5* wheel and create an ascendable wheel. Something needs to be done because what they are giving us garbage. It’s like giving us 4* tokens for prizes before 5*’s came out.


i did a 5 pull and got 2 duplicates :-1: Really pathetic update.



I believe the update reset our “duplicate” quota. Did two 10 pulls of 5* tokens and received 3 duplicates and 17 our of 20 duplicates to the toons on my roster :confused:


I got the same 5* red lee on 2 accounts from 5* tokens wow how not random. Same day as well


This happens to May on all regions random pulls I think not we must be on a ladder


I agree the 6s has gotten way out of control I kinda wish they never came out.


Lol. “Spenders don’t wanna war for trash rewards”

But uhh they do lmao. Their egos know no bounds :joy:


Bound to happen to somebody. Random is random.


There adding new 3* instead of doing that I just pulled a red Glenn good for 3* but like I said a 3*



I want him for collecting. I’m pretty glad they added a bunch of previously unreleased 3 stars to various parts of the game. They don’t release 3 stars very often so I don’t see a need to complain when they do now and then.


If it was 2 years a go i would agree but he will end up like the rest of my 3* turns into 4* food


If anything start new players with him when you start up the game


Adding him definitely doesn’t hurt the gameplay though. The chance of getting a 3 star is the same. It’s just a bit of added variety and another collector’s item.


Agreed, as a fellow collector, I’m very happy with the new character additions. So far I’ve only gotten the 3* Dwight from world maps, which I’m quite happy about. I’ll put him next to my Emma :slight_smile:


It has been reset for a while…


Pulled a 3rd vernon todsy from 5* tokens FFS!


I hinkhe Wheel and ascendable update is good.
New toons for collectors.

You can ascend to get Lori and Conner.

I mean what other 5s could they bring out?
They need to make some money from the old 5
s they ascend.