Prize & Reward Feedback!

Hello everyone!

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To help us on our mission – I want to gather feedback from you in one place regarding event rewards.

Key information I’m looking for:

  • What items/characters/etc have you seen offered as rewards in events in the past that get you and others most excited to participate?
  • What items/characters/etc would you suggest being the most exciting to shoot for?
  • How do you feel about the new rewards / milestones structure?
  • Any further suggestions you have regarding event rewards and milestones?

It also helps if you could explain why you’re suggesting what you are so I can further understand the reasoning behind it. All this will help us do what we can to improve!

Thank you everyone!

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Feedback from the previous forum has been gathered – decided to pull this over to keep it going!

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Right now its hard to judge what should be rewards as the 6* power raise has basically nullified any rewards we could potentially have use for like new 5* if there not ascendable.

I would normally always say that a unique 5* should be prize, like the red Glenn with gear as a second tier reward and maybe the ascendance medals as 3rd tier, but with he new power creep id just love 8 Benedicts for first, with gear and medals as thats probably the most useful thing because 6* are so necessary

The recent solo sr tourney offered 5* javier for completing the Legendary stage. Quite a few of my faction mates went for it and were happy to get him. That excitement went away when you guys made 5* obsolete with the 6* stat increase. Offering a toon is great but it should be a toon that can be used/ascended under the new 6* meta.

The new rewards have been quite terrible for a while now.

I do like the milestone awards but Scopely needs to make sure the rewards make sense. In the current level up event a 150k gives you several things, the worst being a gas mask. Don’t put items in that can be easily obtained elsewhere.

The problem is that if they were to give an ascendable 5* for every tournament, there’d be repeats because at a certain point, the amount of tournaments will surpass the amount of 6*s created.

I didn’t say they should offer a toon for every tournament. My point is they should offer a toon that has value if that’s the top prize. If it’s a different top prize, it should also be valuable.

Monika would be a nice prize shes only featured in 1 war for 1st place reward and i missed out on her. Any decent 5’s should be given out for war events though especially. Along with tokens. Since that is the most enjoyable tournament and time consuming. By decent, i mean toons that arent on the 5* token wheel too. Dupes are handy for ascendance but they sho are painful to take after u put effort into an event.

Most people would still rather take a 5* than not a 5*. Not many other prizes can equate to a 5* value on a general level for all players.

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One of the biggest improvements they could make is to get rid of the randomness. If a reward box has 2 possible options, many people will almost always pull one, many the other, very few end up balanced over time, be it with walkies and bags, beanies and flaks, tape and kits, whatever, and these are all things that are only useful in sets. Either give out the complete set, guaranteed, or alternate the pieces back and forth. Also don’t suddenly reduce the quality of rewards and milestones while simultaneously making them harder to get. If they are harder to get they should be better.


Cross region war rewards were great, spot on if you ask me. In my opinion if we continue on a system where each place receives 3 types of reward then 1st thru 3rd should be at minimum a 5* with 1st being ascendable for war. Tier 2 should be an amount of 5* tokens and tier 3 should be trainers, gear or ascendancy/legendary tokens.
Of course 1st would be greater amounts then 2nd 3rd ect…

For solo tournaments i strongly believe that 1st should receive the current primer recruit. 2nd should receive a primer recruit from the last 2 to 3 months, 3rd a primer from the last 3 to 5 months. Finally 4th thru 7th a toon from the last 6 to 9 months. Each place of course should have usable tokens,gear,trainers ect.

They way for this game to be successful is to give players something that makes thier rosters better. By doing this it increases thier likelihood to spend for coin to win. As a patient zero player i stopped spending when toons where no longer being offered as prizes. This last weekends cross region war was the first time i have dropped money to play since toons were no longer being offered. Why? Because the rewards were finally worth it again and made my roster better.

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For real siddique made ur roster better?, man i was a lil dissapointed he was easy to acquire. Only plus for me was i didnt have him.

Having a 6* command should have made most players roster better.

The biggest issue with siddiq is that since he is available from ascension that there wasn’t that wow factor to him. It’s only slightly better then giving out a depot toon as a reward.


Without having to burn up 4*s and ascendency medals which in turn is saving those resources for other ascendency options. I don’t feel an argument is necessary and all must see the latest CRW rewards a step in the right direction.

Sure, they are better then things had been recently, but for the premier event of the game, they are still nowhere near where they should be. They may be giving out more stuff now, but relative to how much is required to make a character useable now, it still has a long way to go.

Dinner with @kalishane would be a nice reward…just sayin. :wink:

Want to know what would drive people to compete in solos, the supplementary gear 6* t3/4 or t7/8 in qty, ulysses/liliths in qty, with an ascendable toon preferable recent past promos. Still will cost the player to compete in time, money etc and it will provoke more to care and participate in events which is always a good thing. Before 6* released, solo prizes started to include top level toons from the past few months and it was the best motivation in the game to that point. That trend should continue, i don’t see the downside in giving 1 player per region a recently pullable toon, events take all types of resources including money vs attempting a pull.

Now war should receive similar treatment but the toon can simply just be same as it always was a unique toon but not crazy over the top. What’s the point of winning the biggest event and not gaining any sort of benefit over your competitors, doesn’t need to be OP but something that makes it feel like a 72 hour weekend event that needs all 30 to be active worth it.

haha you never know!

I took a few community members to disney on the last title I was working on!

@kalishane are we gonna get something other than sr? Where is that gear map you told us about?

Sometime this week! Checking.

@kalishane this makes me so impatient :frowning: