Prize delays and event starts


For some reason, it takes an hour to process the standings and issue prizes? Why so long? It didn’t take that long in the past (as a player that has been here from the start).

The reason I ask…
Faction event prizes take forever now and are right on top of the new faction tourney. The first event finishes and prizes take an hour to be awarded. So, we get the prize pop up an hour later and immediately get the pop up for the next faction event. We all know we can’t leave a faction during a faction event or even until the prizes are distributed. This allows zero player movement. If players are to be held in faction during faction tourneys (which I totally get), they should be given some type of opportunity (even if short) to possibly leave after each event.

I am pretty sure the hour to process prizes and the prizes being sandwiched to the next event start is just convenience or laziness. It would be greatly appreciated if the prizes could be processed faster so we have 15 minutes between the prizes and the new event. We should have at least a small opportunity to kick dead weight or get in players that would like to join… whatever. People get sick of other people and want a change, but the current system traps people.


Probably because they’re launching a new huge event? Chill out brah


nah, they have been doing this for weeks.