Priya weapon setup

Just managed to get s class Priya, wanted to know what the best weapon mods would be for her four star weapon. Is it worth keeping the daze effect or swapping for the 20% ap, double attack or one of the impair effects?
Still a way off being able to do give star weapon effects.
On the second slot is upgrading to a large ap boost the best idea?
Thank you

I kept daze on her weapon. It’s an awesome effect that no one is really running mods to deal with. As for the other 2 slots I have huge ap on att and 40% att

Because we don’t know how the meta will change, I’d keep Daze and upgrade her weapon and spec if out how you’ll like it with 5* upgrade.

Then, make a separate 5* weapon with the alternative special trait you want so that Priya can copy it if you want. That way, you won’t permanently lose your Daze effect and have it as an option depending on how the meta is.


Her Daze is super useful. Keep it, and then later craft her a different 5 star weapon if you want to play with alternate special effects

With the swap weapon mode i actually prefer double attack on her. Also Sergios weapon with huge looks like a good option for her.
There are actually a lot more options possible with the new armory for any bound weapon character. :wink:

I recommend keeping daze, you can always research (when weapon is a 5*) to give her another weapon that has double attack, impair, 20% etc, but you can’t research daze (the same way she applies it). Regarding the second slot, ap imo is always useful and always try for huge - you never know with ap drains, slow etc what could happen that makes you need 40 ap on turn 2 (or any other turn)

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Some said to change daze with double attack, but i rather keep it to disable some pesky 1 and 2 turn active skill. More useful for me

Would make no sense to change it now, just use weapon swap.

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Nerf? Glitch?

Nerf. They confirmed too many people were getting her for free. They’re cutting her stats in the next update too.

Just kidding, visual glitch. Still works afaik

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Personally you can swap her weapon out, so keep her daze and work on a separate Double att weapon that you can add special effects to

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