Priya weapon and mod setup

congrats to those who got s class priya. what are u guys doing with her weapon and mods, and how are u using her? i want to try her on a defense team but still cant decide how to set her up.
i was thinking originally to rely on her regular attacks since she can have around 10k base atk stats maybe… use a crit damage build with double attack…
but im not sure… maybe get her to AR sooner with 20% ap weapon instead?

There’s barely any tactical play required yet. Just put her on. You’ll win lol.


Lol “congrats”.




Go ask in line chats plenty of people got her. They are hiding js.

not really… bet a couple of Pete/Priya def and managed to defend twice (dont ask me how) with my f2pish defense and attack

Try her with other S classes since you seem to have money for them.

She’s really nothing special on defense. And she doesn’t one shot people. The more priya on defense instead of payback and bide the better.

She has 5000 attack do whatever you want and she’ll be strong.

just use bronze mod, anything of bronze mod you will slay all players. dont need strategy you just need money !!!

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Weird flex, have fun with your new toon. Dont be surprised when folks say screw it and put up 1 & 2 * defenses and not bother warring against you.


Shame on you, that’s all what I have to say . lol


i just tried her built for attack, but in a defense team. doing quite well so far, around 30 defends and no losses in the past several hours. so maybe no need to tank her up even if used for defense. . just go full damage/atk.

People would rather do the walk of shame than show her off. Saw one person with a PU name with her. ( i know everyone has there own interpretation of what it is to them.)

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