Priya unlock help needed

Hi everyone, hopefully someone can advise on this…
I’ve collected the ice cream needed but haven’t received the character… I don’t understand why. Picture attached.

you need another 8000 ice cream cones to redeem for the two regular 5* priyas, and then make them maxed out 6 to trade in for the s-class version, 10k ice cream cones in total plus all the gear, trainers and food to get there


You are missing 2 maxed out 6 star Priyas necessary to claim the s class version. So find the 5 star priya in the museum and claim those first

All good brother - I got muddled by this Initially as well, there are 2 parts to getting the S Class Priya, First Collect 4000 Cones and cash in for the 5 Star Priya, then repeat and get a second one.

Max both out to level 90 tier 4 6 Star.

Collect another 2000 Cones and then you can claim the collection that you have a screen shot of.

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Thanks guys.
Still relatively new to this.
Some of it is quite complicated…


It’s a long process if your spending but l keep it. Cones are dropping more often in these events

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