Priya Surprise Box Pull Results




Unfortunately, 6* have forever muddied those waters. I am curious if the chances are different for ascendable vs non-ascendable 5*, however.


Do you think they will actually put these crates out if they have to show the odds of them?


My faction mate from Japan got Priya after only 2 boxes… I’m still not opening any



Lucky mate, 2 pulls. Jealous of that Billy…


Good pulls guys, now buy more 50% cheaper coins then do a few dozen more, you can do it! Push up that scopely revenue, show them you can swallow all they throw at you.


It’s sad that your faction mates pulled at all. Pyria sucks now. And it is showing how obsurdly how some people will go for a toon that dies so fast from a single 6* shiva.

You people are truly the best of the best. I’m happy to see how independently wealthy everyone is.


U mad bro?


I have pyria paid a good amount for her when she first came to play. Now… she is just trash. Why people buying these boxes? Idk… is it a test to see how desperate they need a toon they will regret later? I just want people to think.

Think before it’s illegal people.


That’s a mate of mine. No dice for me :confused:


I expect them to change the odds before they have to release the info. That way player’s will think the odds were the same before.


Some people are just collectors. I have someone on my squad who wont even get rid of 3 stars because he needs to collect them all. I guess if you gonna pay for trash it might as well be for gourmet trash like Pryia. I personally would rather save my coins for a failed attempt at Ericka or Hershel.


Wild guess but I would be willing to wager that its 0.25%. Seems in line with some of the more recent games to start posting the odds.


I refuse to pull for that cancer character…even if t was 100% chance…(besides, she is not that op anymore, 6* green can one shot her ass)


Fac mate


Can’t believe they’re still making money off of priya


I got Priya in one of the few instances I spent money on this game. She is on my main attack team, the only 5-star, and while she is often the first to die, I do get to use her rush at least once and I rarely lose raids.

Before 6-stars, even though I had plenty of 5-stars, there were a few 4-stars I felt were better than some 5-stars - neutralize Rick, stun Carl, limited edition Negan and command Governor. Now with 6-stars, Priya is like that for me. I’d rather use her than some 6-stars ie Abe, winter Shiva, yellow Negan.

That said, I would not spend money or coins on anything that did not involve an ascendable toon. I’m actually sitting on $75 in gift cards but I won’t use them until a guaranteed ascendable is offered.


All fodder and 300 tokens (did five).

Bright side: Ascended a 4* with acquired fodder and got ascendable joshua.


On offense there are still 5 stars that can be of use but on defense any 5 star is toast against a full 6 star squad. Don’t care if its got stun, impair, or ab def. Its trash now and an easy 1st round kill most of the time. Unless your in a faction that still wars or raids against teams with mostly 5 stars your not doing yourself any favors. Abe might be boring but he will last a hell of a lot longer than Priya.


I think people who pulled most of them newbies. They got only one or two five stars in their team. Those boxes are not for us.