Priya’s fourth weapon slot

I’m torn at the moment between 2 choices( see screen shots) I’m currently using her on my defense as well as offense and not sure which one to go for since both seem pretty damn good. How are you guys building her weapon?

And those choices would be?

since I’m new I can only post one pic in the subject lol

Originally I considered the maiming one but I’m going for rampage. A mod can do the work of Ap down.

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What does that do ?

rampage is all you want dont even bother with the rest.

but you should also try and get double attack in slot 3 aswell


Nevermind I found it lol I’d have to research amplification 2-5 before trying for than :tired_face:

It takes some time but its possible

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Damn…nicee…grats :beers:

Altho that rampage seems awesome but it requires crit to happen, rather if you get above setup. It gives 20% flat bonus to all ur basic and ar hits.

Got it yesterday, will be for priya. Problem is, rampage gives ap to all enemy who got hits :confused:

Not an issue if they’re all dead

I’m really liking the 20% dmg and ignore def bonus

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niiiiice @RamirezInf that’s the setup I’m going for priya, was hoping critical hits during her rush would do splash style damage - can you confirm if it works? in theory it’s a multi-hit rush so she should be capable of triggering both slot 3 and 4…?

That is the one I’d try for on for Priya’s weapon.

I’d craft Rampage on a Crit based double attack weapon, going to try on this personally once I get the tokens and parts to try

Didnt try for priya yet, not enough tokens for upgrade weapon but i tried this with blue tyree, dwight and disarm earl. It works amazing, like splash. Tyree decaped three toons one time in some roadmap and earl with his 3attack did 6 attacks + splash when crit.
Perfect weapon also for zombie stages :+1:

It does work on rush

I take it you haven’t experienced rampage to suggest anything else on Priya but rampage?

That’s not to say what you have isn’t good , I was tempted to leave slot 4 like that until I saw the damage rampage does

There is control for that :wink:

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