Priya or Raulito 6*

Just looking for an opinion… Which do you think is a better toon?


priya id say

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Yea priya is probably the better option but raulito is cheaper I think

Depends on your attack pattern

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ie ; heavy bleed lacerated base team ?

What I’m saying and my friend here is depends on team makeup and toons ???

It depends, its two different styles of play. Damage vs. Bleed. I have both, and they’re amazing in their own ways, but I prefer a Raulito team with lacerator.

I’d say Raulito is definitely the better toon.

Thanks for the replies… I do have both bleed team and normal attk team.
They are both awesome toons and just cant decide:/

Thanks again for the inputs!

Priya for her daze and is a range lead
Raulito for lacerators

Pryia as she is a counter to raulito and Christa maybe not the best but she is

Raulito now priya later

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Priya looks like she’ll help quite a bit with raven, Stevens etc that use their active turn 1

Definitely go for Priya first

Is 6 star Raulito good enough to get just 6 star Raulito and then go for S Class Priya?

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