Priya Mods - Attack or Crit?

If you have rampage on Priya, what’s better to equip her with?

Atk mods with crit?

Crit mods with atk?

Attack set if you have Rampage.

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attack mods with Crit Chance

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For some reason I always thought it was best to have crit mod set up

I think Link has a video or two of which mod set is better for Priya

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Linking Link’s video of Priya, Ramapge, and mod explanation.

Tried them both out a while ago and both work great, crit worked slightly better on rush by about 1-2k more damage, depends on your crit damage mod

Even if you have Rampage crit set will be way better than att set . Why ?
Crit damage can reach 125% max (correct me if I’m wrong) with a perfect platinum crit damage and a crit set .
And at critical hit do 150% that’s a lot of damage to the main target .(almost an instant kill if Priya have other ways to get buffed).

Anyone who said attack set is better if you have Rampage must be thinking the wrong way .

How much you can get from attack set (1000 att point in a full platinum set ) …
That’s way too low (always prefer the % than the flat value in anything take as a lesson)


Crit set is best for rampage. That is all

This would make for a good poll.

So Link is saying there’s a bug on toons with multiple hit rushes like Priya?

Link is saying (~3 min mark) that toons with a Double Attack weapon will not do crit damage when the 2nd attack procs from the Double Attack effect. She speculates that it could be a bug or its actually intentional since the 2nd attack from Double Attack gets either 150% or 175% from the weapon effect itself which is overriding crit damage.

I assume that since the 2nd attack is getting a boosting in damage already, Scopley programed it not to stack.

It is :100:% not and Link made a great Video about it. So if you not watch it just watch it. If you still do prefer Crit Set over ATK on a Rampage Weapon you just ignore what she worked out. Or you just got no clue at all :man_facepalming:t4:
110% ATK Set and NO Crit damage bittom left bc you have to use attack up when Impaired or when taunted to get a hughe boost. You can manipulate the boost by attacking Blue Chars with Impair Weapons and wipe the whole Team out!!

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As mentioned below it is not a bug. so the second attack on a weapon so we’re talking about double attack weapons at 150% or 175% or other special weapons because that weapon is hitting out of her sent it does not factor in any of a damaged portion of the damage equation. The damage equation is composed of three different parts the beginning part is all about attack, the second part is the interaction of the attack of your tune and the defense of the opponent’s tune, and the last part has to do with damage and that’s where crit damage, cutthroat, trait damage factors in. The reason why I prefer attack damage is that attack set mods and attacking mods will influence every single attack that Priya makes so in a perfect world if you rush Priya and double attack goes off each attack so we moved from 3 attacks to 6 attacks, and each of those is a critical hit that means we’re getting 18 damage points. Attack mods will impact all 18 attacks, but crit damage will only impact 3 out of the 18. Crit damage will help you do more damage to your direct Target, while attacks it will help with the damage spread. In the end it all comes down to what you want and how it feels for you, I just worked out the numbers and the math behind it and I like math. so that’s why I feel like attacks at is better than crit damage because it has more of an influence over all of the damage that is being dealt first crit damage only impacting 3 out of 18


What is point in having atk if she doesnt crit. Have tried both and crit is better. Period. Every is entitled to their own opinions but i know what makes my priyas best and its crit. Have 23k atk on my priya with crit mods. 4 team players also

Use Team Player 4 to get her Crit. I use for of them in the Attack Team where she is Lead. Is like Link said the first impact is higher with Crit Set but the Additional targets, that’s where she benefit from Rampage get less dmg with Crit Set bc the Additional targets are not going to be Crit hitted. For sure you can do what you want with your Priya and Set him like you think it’s the Best for ya. But for using Dbl Attack Crit up Rampage Crit Set it’s not the Best like you said. You said it’s the Best for Rampage, over and out. But that’s definitly not true! For Rampage, Dbl Attack Crit up, ATK Set is the Best.

I still tested this and averaged the attacks and crit sets provided 1-2k more damage, but this was only on the first att, ah man my head hurts😂

Crit sets are better for the crit specialist (especially the yellow ones that got crit expert crafted on their weapons). Priya is not a crit specialist, rampage sort of emulates the collateral damage at a bit different circumstances.

The question is - will you use Priya to hit a low stat toon to kill it and hope to get rampage to kill tougher ones? If so, need to go atk set way. If you rather hit a high stat toon that you need to bring down (incapacitate with impair and confuse if he still survives) and rely on rampage to kill other toons, then crit set is better.

I haven’t got rampage yet, but when I do, I will go for crit dmg set for sure… Because I know that I will aim for Petes, Traders, Frosts with her rush, not the glass cannons or the 6* supporters I can easily get rid off with other toons…

Just to keep things simple: in general as attack power goes up, a percentage damage increase will be better than a flat damage increase