Priya Extra crit or double Atk?

I have crafted my priyas rocket launcher very poorly as im not too great with weapon crafting but i was just wondering if i should trade out Daze for +30% crit or for a chance at double atk? Also i realised i should have tried for double atk before i upgraded to 5* im an idiot.

Keep Daze on her weapon as it leaves you with options and T1 Daze is exceptionally useful. Try crafting double attack on a different blue weapon that you can swap out for.


Yeah okay thanks also do you have any tips on what i can do to make her rampage pop off more?

Double attack gives crit.

Put increased crit chance mod on her.

Craft team players on her surrounding team mates as it increases damage & crit to her.

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Just explaining in detail @Stryder’s advice: Team player 4 is implied to get the 15% atk / 35 crit boost to all adjacent toons


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