Priya Combat Mods?

Hi All,

i finally got Priya and i’m excited to have her.
i am not the best at adding Mods to my character.
can y’all help me out and show me the mods that u have assigned to your Priya ?

Atk set including:

Atk buff
Atk against alert/ toons
Stun resist
Fire damage
Def or PV buff

Also, don’t use any veteran rings on her, because if you got Priya S someday you will lose when you exchange 2 6* Priya’s.

Best mods for her in my opinion.


I like to have attack set attack mod attack vs red crit chance crit damage and stun resisit

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I like Priya a lot, but she is extremely squishy!! I also used an attack set on her, however, I put a def buff, def against fast, graze, stun resist, and confuse resist (don’t need her dazing my own toons).


Maybe I’m missing something here, but why do people put crit chance and crit damage on Priya?

Crit damage and crit chance increase their possible amount of damage. Used it on yellow wayland for a while and its killer

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Perfect setup for me.
Why crit mods? Imagine her 3hits in rush with 10-50k dmg single hit (depends on enemy)
S Pete dies so easy :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Also helpful in sr against zombie


Appreciate the suggestions. if anyone else can add to the suggestions, please feel free.

Lock your Priya, got to be safe


6 star go defensive because she is real squishy. My S Class I went attack, attack v reds, crit chance up, crit damage up and confuse resist, on an attack set.

There is absolutely no reason to have attack vs. Alert mod. She destroys alerts without it. Do another trait so she can kill 2 different traits with ease.


Hmm, maybe I’ll try that

I did all attack set.

Top left: + to attack
Top right: + attack to yellow
Middle: + attach to green
Bottom left: bleed (burn works too, burn doesn’t stack though)
Bottom right: Stun resist

Reasons for why I have these mods should be obvious. I chose bleed in bottom left cause getting that little bit of extra damage is great when the other character is almost dead but not quite. There’s also nothing better to go in that slot.

I didn’t bother with any HP or def since I use a shield on attack.

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AP Down?

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Reflect damage also goes in that slot but I think he meant that’s all he has

I’d argue that Ap down, Graze and Reflect are all better.

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How come you don’t have the lock on your image?

Ap down also helps you remove ap from other team… stop doc going off most raids.

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I don’t need graze or reflect because I raid with a shield.

AP down is ok, I don’t like the randomness of it.