Prior season league crate still ongoing issue

So it’s still going on and I won’t let it die. The SAME, EXACT, issue with this season’s trainer crate happened to me for last season and it’s now easily been 3+ months and the issue is still not resolved. It’s been “taken to the team” and “rest assured” it will be handled. I’ve been patient, and have spoken with @GR.Scopely. So far that convo has lasted a good two weeks.

I’m not sure how such a little thing can take so long to resolve. I’ve provided screenshots, build, profile code, everything they’ve asked. Nothing. This is ridiculous. Can you imagine that a single issue can’t be solved in months? There’s no player first attitude. There’s no actual support going on here.

@JB.Scopely @GR.Scopely - who do I need to speak with to get this resolved? Literally who?

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A therapist?


@Shawn.Scopely ? Anyone you can suggest to escalate to?


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