Prior season league crate bugged

@GR.Scopely @JB.Scopely I had the same bug that occurred this season for last season’s crate. Can I get a fix on that? I’ve been patient but 3 months is enough since you were able to fix this season’s crate rather quickly. Thanks.

@DTM300 Thanks for the report and sorry to hear about your issue :frowning:

Did you report this to our customer support as they will be the best to have a look at what’s happening there? Cheers!


I did. It’s been 3 months of back and forth with no progress updates. Figured that you may be able to help in some way. I would appreciate any assistance that you could provide.

@DTM300 - Please send me via private message your friend code so I can follow up on your issue. Also if you have any videos or screenshots that would help with the investigation please add those as well.

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3 months of back and forth over the crate that contained one of each trainer? Like come on, it’s a dozen trainers, not game breaking in the least. Just comp this person on the principle that if they have been going back and forth for an entire season they probably aren’t lying and something as simple as granting them the crate doesn’t hurt Scopely when literally thousands of trainers are being handed out right now.

It is a shame they have to plead with a CM when support should be able to handle this situation and apply common sense to make a non issue go away.

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