Princess weapon

Just got her so now crafting… will increase attack and probably go team player (15/30 but may keep tough heal if I get that instead). But I would have thought huge AP when attacked to guarentee rush post taunt, yet see on forums people suggesting on attack. Just wondering why and what I’m missing?!? :man_shrugging:

20% ap, 15/35, atk & something.


It’s pretty common that team builders prefer AP on attack, with a few exceptions - and taunt loops are one of those exceptions.

The reason to prefer on attack is that the AP gain is much more predictable. AP gain on getting hit fluctuates with the damage taken and is harder to balance getting hit hard enough to get the right amount of AP gain but not so hard that they die. If you can strike that balance, it’s a beautiful thing.

Keep in mind, too, that there are several anti-taunt strategies easily accessible (focus being a big one, and attack up while taunted being even bigger for onslaught no-AR wins).


Try make a general blue weapon with 15/35, 20% ap and ap atk.

If u get lucky with Princess weapon soon good but don’t stick to it if not, if you have another general blue weapon just do the basic atk/ap atk With Princess weapon to 5* it and use the general blue weapon.

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You can do this in a different weapon and swap with the fixed one when using her on defense. Craft this second weapon with impair and huge AP when attacked and after turning into 5* do the tough heal.

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Thanks all

If you plan to use her on a defence team without Frost, Trader or Shiva then taunt on being attacked. If you plan to use her on attack teams and/or with a Frost, Trader Shiva on defence then ap when attacking. Frost will utterly negate the ap when attacked craft due to being a human shield and Trader and Shiva may steal her taunts.

Thanks, went on being attacked and working so far in either a Magna team (her shield drops when Princess taunts) or just in a control team to give time for 6* trader to work on their healer/reviver. Mercer as lead helps both

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Upgrade it to 5 star then replace it with Jason’s weapon (the one in the league store). After that, upgrade it with “Bonus 45% attack when attacking enemies of more than 50% HP”. It’ll stack with the Bonus 50% attack.

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