Princess Weapon Huge AP Being Attacked

Is it a bug?

I tried my Princess, with weapon + Huge AP Being Attacked.

After she pops, taunt 3, the AP is 6???

That means taunt with huge AP being attacked is useless.

I’m not exactly sure about the mechanics of ap gain when being attacked, but I do know that with indomitable you don’t gain much ap when being attacked… even with a huge ap bonus. This is why I’ve always opted for attacking ap on my indomitable characters even when they’re on a def team.

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The AP gained when being attacked is directed related to the amount of damage the toons takes or more accurately the amount of HP lost I believe. With an effect like indomitable, much less damage is taken thus much less AP is gained.

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Oh. Thanks TysonB and Opie.

It is not very reasonable.

Even more accurately, AP gained when being attacked is based on % of HP lost.

Not 100% confirmed but per LadyGeek comment…

It is % of hp based. So maximizing hp or defense negatively influences this. You really need to design this toon to lose 50%-70% of their health to get looping. Using a huge ap when attacked lead with further improve this.

Makes it really tough as your balancing her dying and her looping. I tried to do it with Ajax but found it too difficult to find a balance for all situations. What worked when shielding (50% Def) did not work when taunting (no buff). As such I gave up on finding the right balance as it was too situational. Maybe she won’t have this issue as she doesn’t have a buff/no buff situation.

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Yep. I was waiting for someone like you to come in with the more technical side.

I haven’t tried an attack mod set just yet but the indomitable being pinged by DOT mods really makes it hard to get her looping. My target was to have her taunt turn 3 and rush turn 4, which is just about guaranteed by a huge/huge weapon setup. If the enemy don’t have ap drain or ap down on attack, job done. Haven’t tried her on defense just yet, however.

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