Princess team idea

could someone help me please im trying to make a team revolving around the princess i hope to get
carl (lead)
and solange good together or not

Do u have Dante?


no im ftp

Oh I’m also f2p and I have Dante but nevermind Carl lead is good I probably wouldn’t use Anna but it sounds decent


ok thank you i was thinking of using anna for that constant taunt

Anna is pretty sweet depending on what you do with her weapon and Mods. I use her on a Attack team and she works well on it.

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That one green eugene who gives defense and ap to green and blue. Princess and blue garret would be able to possibly lock down a team

That’s the same I’m using it works perfectly.

No, you’re a liar


He’s not being nice by lying…

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Well Princess team I wouldn’t want 2 taunters. High hp low defense on her would be good

Lol ever heard of sarcasm?


Sure. If you write something which is not true, you add /s at the end to indicate that it is sarcasm.

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For real tho did u join the forums just to say I ain’t f2p?


I saw your prestige level. It is not high but more than a f2p could have by now. Even if you spend only a little amount, you are a spender. Why do you lie to others? That is not nice

I said I’m f2p as a joke and yes I guess I’m a light spender of only about $3k but let’s get back to the topic on hand and that’s helping this guy on building a defense team plz.

Smells like falafel

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Maybe but probably not if it was him this thread would be flagged and shut down already

I know. As I said: I’ve seen your prestige

Good idea. Let’s stop lying and start to be helpful.

I suggest using a lacerator toon with princess or not to use princess at all. What do you think?


You could use a lacerater with her but then ur counting on her weapon procing that bleed I’d probably give her stun instead