Princess Roadmap



Ah, good was wondering when they were going to put another op toon up for sale and once again ignore releasing any legacy toons.


As much as I hate to say, when Princess drops, I might do some pulls. MIGHT. My last 10 pull have me a bigger case of PTRTSSD than anything else that has happened in this game.


Any leaks on her card, I remember seeing it before


Don’t feel like digging for it but pretty sure “Princess” is the 600 bleed toon. Can’t wait to have to deal with this crap.

Cue up the new op cure bleed toon in 5…4…3…2…


The thing about her name is that you have to be rich as a princess to pull her card lol




I want her because she has bazanka hair


Shes an interesting character in the books, i’d that toon just because it’s her.

Map gone live, what’s happened to whisperer story line though? …


Same thing that happened to the Carl storyline. Lol


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