Princess most powerful toon created to date?

I’m going to put it out there that creating a defence in the near future will be pointless, on the condition that the majority of players obtain Princess. And here is why:
-Turn 2 AS taunt to 3 for 3 turns with a cooldown of 2. That is permanent Taunt lock with overlapping taunt for 2 more characters. On defence that looks amazing but has the potential to be countered with daze since you aren’t in control… on offence, there is pretty much nothing the opponent can do to stop you aside from having taunt resist mods in place of the needed stun/impair. Even with a whole def team with taunt resist mods, you are still on average going to be managing to get past one of their resists.
-Bezerker and fixed weapon of +60 att. Bear in mind this character is taunting 3. She has a very high chance of increasing her attack by 240% from these 3 taunts, on a toon with such a high attack already and likely attack boost from lead, weapon and mods, that will be insane for even a normal attack.
-Normalize counters all the bides, paybacks, neutralizers etc, so these are not an avenue to help defend against a team she is on. An incredibly powerful skill.
-ARs with 1000% damage to a line and +50% bonus hp. With her bezerker + weapon + this, that will be the most devastating AR in the game.

Whack her weapon up to +50% attack, huge ap on attack, huge ap on def and keep slot 3 as is, put a daze resist on her when you eventually get one, combine with a stun resist. Then you have a toon who is the best in the game on attack and on defence. Huge ap on def on a toon that has taunt to 3 will be making sure that AR goes off regularly.

If 60 teddys are reasonably obtainable, that will get most players in the game 5010 collectables towards her. In a month or 2 she will be on every team, picked ahead of any other Sclass so far. She is streets ahead of everyone bar none.

Looking at that taunt, it looks like Daiyu is pretty pointless now…

To sum up: Best AS in the game, most devastating AR in the game, only toon with access to an ability that counters the one thing that might slow her down, weapon and specialist skills in total harmony with her AS. Likely that the majority of players will have access to over 50% towards her collection. The days of capable defences are gone.


You could say that about any toon but:

  1. You can’t tell your defence to stun her.
  2. Anyone with a shred of sense will have their highest stun resist on her.
  3. Since your defence goes after their attack, all a player has to do is have a shield on their team and activate it to stop that from happening.

I’m talking about how she will decimate any defence team, not about how hard she will be on defence.

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Laopo lead has helped me get huge amounts of defences in war against teams outside of the top 10 (1B). Defence is still dooable… well… it was…

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Wasn’t me. Why would I? I’m having a decent conversation with you.

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It’s just the latest and greatest thing. That’s what Scopley does. Release a new toon with cool abilities. In a month there will be something to counter that.

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Aarav will already counter her…

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There already is a counter to active skills. But how can a defence counter a turn 2 active skill that taunt locks after they have only had the ability to make 1 hit each? Especially if there is a shield on the attack team. You can’t control a defence, so how do you make it counter that?

Is she even possible to get? I havent done the math but this looks like another convulated p2p event. Assuming everything stays the same, same rewards in milestones with hats, etc. Can we even get her 2nd 5* version?

Ok likely scenario - she’s not on the same line as a shield, the attacker uses his shield Turn 1. How does your Aarav on defence now counter her?
If he can’t on his first turn with her behind a shield, he is now taunt locked into hitting a shield.

8* S class? :thinking:

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You didnt see some top defenses… if you asking that question


I dont think people see her potential on an attack team, behind Priya or Diego, with her weapon, skill, rush, add a attack buff to her and def down to the enemy and she will kill absolutely any line of toons esp if they are reds.


Considering there is a milestone of 550 teddys, I imagine in 28 days, 60 will be very likely to be achievable. Can’t say for certain obviously, but its always been easy to reach at least 11% of a final milestone.

Can you answer the question? How are you going to stop her ASing on defence, when you can’t control that defence, when her AS is turn 2, if the attacker has used a shield? What possible toon will stop that?
Can’t be Priya, there is a shield in the way. Can’t be Laopo, she will need 2 turns for the AR even with Guo. Cole might be an option, but you only have a 50% chance that one of the other 2 taunts after the shield will activate on Princess, even then, the attacker has probably taken him or his ability to AS out of the game on their turn 1. Who else is there that can daze or taunt her when she is behind a shield, on their turn 1? Especially when that toon can’t be controlled by the player.
And don’t use your previous answer, it’s a weak response that doesn’t demonstrate anything.

Aaravs can rush t1 you realize…


Double priyas too.

This game just got a whole lot more expensive.
Arenas? T1 or bust.
War? Couple with new victory bonus, coin fest.

On defence. You are relying on the AI to work perfectly to ensure that Aarav hits the shield and gets the kill, then ARs on Princess. Also that he doesn’t get impaired, stunned, or Ap downed by the shield or doesn’t hit an Abs def shield. You are also relying on the fact that the opponent hasn’t focused on Aarav in their first turn and controlled him. You are also relying on elusive not being present.

So the counter you propose is this… IF:
-The defence has Aarav
-The attack doesn’t have Raven or another way to create elusive on the shield
-The attacker doesn’t control or kill Aarav
-The shield is killed
-The AI works perfectly so that Aarav gets the killing blow
-Aarav isn’t negatively affected by the shields weapon
-Aarav then AR’s on Princess

IF all those conditions are met, then yes, he’s a ‘counter’ to Princess when he’s on defence.

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One toon to stop them all. Payback