Princess is there going to be a way to get more cards

I am currently 1000 cards short of s classing my princesss. I want to know if the cards are going to be made avalible again? I noticed in war rewards she wasn’t included. Also is the woc toon going to be offered in the future as well ? @ForumAdmin


She was included in regular crw, not just for you woc folks.

They’ve made her available in regular CRWs and possibly a few other means and their initial post with her said they would continue to give access to her so I would say it’s highly likely that continues.

As for that WoC exclusive toon, I believe it was stated that he would be exclusive to WoC but exclusive doesn’t mean much to Scopely. Take that for what it’s worth.

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I’d much rather have an official answer then hear say with the gear being so hard to get no since is possibly wasting it. Would also be nice to find out it the toon given for woc will become avalible in the future as well

I agree that ‘exclusive’ doesn’t always mean ‘exclusive’, but this particular character I don’t expect to be made available any time soon. Don’t leave WoC region without him if you want him.

Well I mean you’re asking if they will give more cards for Princess and yes they have already. Do you really need them to say they will continue to give out her cards when they have?

Being that they didn’t include them in the last event where all other cards were yes yes I do

So you need something more official than this:

And the fact that her cards have been given out in at least 3 wars, including this past CRW. Got it.

if u get 130k paw pins u can get 2300 princess cards

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She only wasn’t available in woc all all regions she was available. No reason to think she won’t be available next CRW as well.

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