Princess is bugged scopley

So here’s the thing.
Your latest add to the game (Normalize) thing is bugged against Humansheilds

How ?
If you Normalize a sheild then happen to kill him . Your turn ends immediately after killing the sheild even if you still have toons that didn’t take actions yet .
And the visual sheild signe on other toons stay until the next tirns even though the human sheild is dead .

@GR.Scopely you know what to do. I AM JUST FEELING SORRY YOU MAN .
YOU DO A LOT of work lately with this full of bugs apps .

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A video has already been forwarded (: they are looking into it I believe

They will fix it after they make enough money on the Mercer promo.

No way scopely would ever allow a bug to go live in game!!!


@T_just_T - Thanks for your post. This issue has already been reported by other players and been brought to the team for investigation.

So you know what to do . Close the thread.

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Yeah typing is some stuff is very hard work :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

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