Princess cards after the event

Did we ever get an answer about whether we’d be able to carry on collecting cards to get s class princess eventually?

And I’ll also add “what happens to excess teddies?” Because they are being sold for real money and I haven’t seen the answer to this one either.

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Well unless this is a lie🤷🏼‍♂️

well they also said they wouldn’t directly sell S-Class, and that turned out to be a lie


Just like “Ascendance - a road all has to travel” to get 6* earlier lmao

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All they do is lie. There won’t be an s class toon for gold bars. If there was, why not release him. How long could it possibly take to make a new toon


This would be so low, but we all know because we ve all collected tons of Gold bricks the toon released if released will be so underwhelming

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You love to toss around the word “lie”,
Everyone got the choice between Christa OR James so it’s already a “lie” in your books… isn’t it?

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How long did it take them to release Magna & Lee though their leaked cards were out since decades? :joy: This might gonna happen again now with the “future” gold bar toon(s).

I’m ftp sitting at 40 bears hoping to get atleast the 2nd Prin… looking grim

LUs and the elf hats should be your main source of bears. If you were hoping to get 60 from the 3 day missions, you won’t get close to 60 from them.

I been trying. Arena tickets are low and gear and resources are low for the lvl up milestones. I’m gonna keep on surviving though lol

Who’s Krista😂

How long does it take to make a new toon? I’d say two weeks.

Make a new ftp toon? Easily 4 months or more.

I’m not sure you got the gist of what I and Scopely are saying🤗

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