Prices of offers/packs


My question is how come places get stuff cheaper in other places, so i have to pay £29 which is the equivalent of 40 dollars while people in america pay 30 dollars which is the equivalent of £21 just doesn’t seem right?


In Canada it’s more


Same offer, but more cash you spend, more fun for scopely. Guaranteed.


Either way, it costs way too much in any country. Don’t do it. You think for the amount they are charging you would get enough to ascend one toon. 45 and 45k? Really? Cant just do 300 and 250k? Also 6 4 star trainers. Can’t give 8? Terrible offers.

And for the love of all that is holy stop offering the easily craftable items as part of the package. No one want them. Ever. lol


Those random, nonsensical, worthless items that fill up the tail end of every offer infuriate me.


The monetary value of all these offers makes absolutely no sense. £20, £30 or whatever stupid amounts scopely charges for these things is so not worthy your hard earned cash. Unless your happy to spend on it.


Its very true I’ve never known a game to charge as much for stuff as Scopely! £4 for one pull on premier is rediculous


It’s a joke…if they got the pricing strategy right they would make more money as more people would buy. These types of offers are worth max £2.99 or for a bigger offer worth max £6.99 but you would expect to get enough from that offer to fully ascend a character. Even the offers for cans and stuff not worth more than £1.99


What about taxes such as VAT, did anyone think of that? :slight_smile:

Basic economy


Without wanting to defend Scopely too vociferously, I think these are set somewhat by Google/Apple locally rather than Scopley themselves. Might be wrong, but I’m sure I’ve seen that mentioned before


You’re not wrong. Due to currency exchanges, etc, prices are set by Google/Apple.


These offers are not for players that have been playing long term, they are the top offers that are too bait new players.
New players see it as wow 10k 5★ tokens $30!
Old players see wow 10k worthless tokens for a shitty 5★!
New player wow 2 Benedict’s they can level my 3★super easy!
Old player wow how cheap of them they only giving 2 Benedict’s when I need 8 to ascend!

This can go on and on, hardly if even ever has a offer been for the long term player, they are always meant to be short of what is needed!


I can confirm that on our side, all we can set is the USD price and the App/Play Store convert that to their equivalent SKU for devices using other currencies.


Here is something that might be worth trying. All next month offer every deal at 50% off the current price. See if that has an impact on sales. If you see the amount sold significantly increase then you know you were asking for too much. If they stay the same or decline then you know what you are asking for currently is fine. Something tells me you would make more in the long run if they cost less but there is only one way to find out for sure. Test it. Mention this to the people in charge of setting the prices. Thank you.


Except that has been happening already. Prices for offers or even better value for your money for premier pulls have improved compared to prices in the past.


I know RNG ain’t going away. But for the love of God get rid of the crap in the offers and give us better crates.

getsinstead give us.


Tho downloading the game in uk through Amazon will be cheaper offers. That President offer is only 22 pounds


This offer has sucker written all over it. There is less than a 1% chance you gonna get anything out of this “deal”.

Heres what you will get 99% of the time. The worst item in the bag.

Who buys this?

I also dont want any rng when I’m gonna be using my money. If I am willing to buy a double holster then let me buy a double holster. Not a chance at one. I will NEVER spend a dime on a rng bag or box.


Those offers all suck. Only offer I bought was the 12,500 coin offer they once gave out. Got my erika in 4 10 pulls.


Scopely should take a look at the other Walking Dead games to see how offers should be done.

In these other games, you usually get an appropriate amount of in-game currency (gold/bullets) in addition to guaranteed items so you get exactly what you pay for. The prices are usually more reasonable too.

No random chance to get a good item you need, but will 99% of the time end up with something you don’t or can craft or farm for free.

More players would purchase offers if they were better value for money and gave guaranteed items.