Price of the 5000 collectables

To get enough apples you need to buy 2 apple offers on average. You need to do this 13 times. You also need to have SC club. Altogether this comes to £218 on average for 5000 collectables.

Thought that it would be worth people knowing before they decide whether to go for it or not.


Theres no way it’s that cheap, I guarantee the price of apples goes up exponentially with each purchase

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True, the chance of that happening hasn’t been taken into account. It’s only the price of the 1st 5 offers that is avaliable. So the above is only assuming that they stay the same.

Don’t forget the twice 130 per day in the roadmap, adding another 3380 total, so 8380 total or about 38.5 collectibles per pound (using your estimate).

I’m not buying it (#staystrong), and like @Yggdrasil think later prices might increase, but as an offer it’s probably one of the better ones if it stays as is.

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Save your money as you can grind it out for collectable. There is no winner except losers.


Good catch on the extras.

*If it stay :wink:

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