Price of 4* Dale?


since I can’t get 4* Allen, because of the stupid restriction, I want to try Bridget and Dale.
I know Dale is in the SR Depot, so does anybody know if he costs 6.000 or 12.000?

Thanks in advice

Maybe characters with special skill cost less that characters with the leader skill.

I personally saw that 4* Rod with Parting Shot was cheaper than Maggie with the leader skill.

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Yeah, Rod costs 6.000. I have him in there right now. I hope Dale
also costs 6.000. I can’t afford 12.000 at the moment

what is your obsession with Allen anyways?

He’s my Comic Favorite

I just refreshed and have Pocky in it. Dale can wait :slight_smile:

I would buy Pocky or Guardian Jesus.

Wait til matt comes on sale then you can embrace power of memes btw 4* comrades, another fellow 4* blue command is in prestige :slight_smile:

I bougth him. Can’t efford Jesus, but I still have mine, so it’s fine

I guess I will buy him if he comes and of course Dale.

What is the restriction on Allen? Must have missed it bc i’m like ???

He’s only in the worldmap

I’m talking about 4* Allen. I have enougth 3* Allen’s lieing around :unamused:

Sorry, but I don’t believe you. Problably just want to make me feel Bad

Haha I’ve used multiples of him for ascension too

same I have used him several times lol

Do you mean Dale?


I just tried 4 single pulls cause I had some spare coins and I got Beta, and Alicia lol wtf

Where did you get them? From the Worldmap and in which act?

I had one we won from a tourney with my faction and got another one in 13-3, 12-6

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