Previous war prizes and suggestions


I know alot of people, myself included haven’t been happy with recent war prizes. But lets reminisce about back in the day when toons were given as rewards every war. Iv seen @kalishane mention how low they currently are on characters atm. So here’s my suggestion id love to see previous characters like monica and Erin up for grabs.
Iv been a player for nearly 2 years now but can’t remeber all the previous toons given as rewards, so let’s post them here and think about the good ole days :grin:


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A 5* , 3 adens, 3 gear bags

This was July 2016

Now Bonnie isn’t amazing no , but better than nothing

Wanderer, at that time possibly the best ranged lead in the game , good ar, fast ar, A Benedict, gear

Lester , a great toon , fast ar, guaranteed 3 adens again , gear this was June 2016


We are going through The Great Pixel Crisis of '17.


Easy solution: hire more designers. Not having enough toons is a stupid excuse for being a bunch of incompetent developers.


LMMFAO!! If there was a “Best Forum Comment Ever” award you would certainly win it.


Wander was like a mythical creature in my first region. I think I only ever saw a small handful of people with him. My personal favourite was erin she was a great melee and range leader


I took a small break from the game and came back just after Erin and rose came out

So I was using wanderer still up until mirabelle got her ascension lol


Yet they manage to be pretty prompt when releasing new 6*'s for promo$.

The cards for several OG ascendable 5* have been leaked already, they’re just dragging their feet at this point. It seems to be more of a “game economy” thing than a “we don’t have enough coders to do the job” thing.


Man I would love an Erin


View my current thread, and you’ll know that it’s the whales causing LiveOps to keep the crappy rewards. The prize structure is based on data, so if whales keep going hardcore on shit events, then LiveOps will take advantage of that, and keep the same rewards, so you want better rewards, then tell the whales to stop spending and going hardcore for crap event rewards. Blame the whales, not Scopley! They just put out the rewards, and pay to wins fall in their trap. :joy:



no bother with offering suggestions because they won’t listen to them