Previous vs this Last words event

I can honestly say, as long as I’ve been playing, I know how to grind. I know how to take every twist and turn possible…

No, the previous last words event wasn’t ideal necessarily, but I feel it was better than this one…I feel the letter dropping from arenas was better than the elf hats. At least if you got a letter that was needed, it was exactly that. Compared to elf hats where you get a fraction of what you need 1000 of at a time to get anything for.

Like always, I’ve been grinding the event, completing one part of the last words (tinsel, eggnog) but am not going to spend however much to get the other portion done.

After grinding it out as much as I can so far, I still sit at only 14 bears, which in my opinion is a bit low considering how many it takes to get close to the S Class princess…

@GR.Scopely, why do they keep missing the mark where we’ve all stated we want grindable events? Meaning that you can grind through the event and actually hit the end goal (Piper event, Michelle event)…they took a lot of work, and serious grinding, but you got the toon at then end of it if you made it!

This event, I don’t see a way to grind and get the toon when the event is all said and done, it’ll be partial toon(s), and partial princess cards, then the wait for them to be released with the rest…so, in essence, grind through the event, to get part of a toon…

Yeah, give me the grind and get Michelle, grind and get Piper style events, not this p2p crap…

Yup, that’s all…end rant!:joy:


Keep grinding for princessgate
Just dont miss it when it come :rofl:

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this is a grindable and a premium event. You can probably grind to get 1 princess (maybe 2 if you’re lucky to start with) as F2P but if you to get close to getting her as a S class then you gotta grind and pay. I’m sure most of us didn’t expect this type of Christmas event as compared to years past so it’s ok to be disappointed as I am.

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Before you end rant, add that milestones should not rely on other people e.g. having to put up Payback Negan in defence.

As I’ve said previously, the only milestones being set should be ones I can achieve all by myself without having to rely on anyone else (other than maybe scopely putting up a roadmap) to complete.

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totally amazing what scopely dislikes she erases, the game is shooting and does not accept a joke with a cock, this company is a sink

image of princess with gun can but another image With gun doesn’t ,explain it to me scopely.

again the image of deleted post by scopely see and have anything wrong here?

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Replied to wrong thread :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Exactly the same bud 14 teddies grinding that’s it,

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