Previous promos?

just out of curiosity are the previous promos still in the wheel of premier recruits or are some taken away for special events?

There’s only a pool of average 6*s available unfortunately

thank you but what i meant was say right now its on sandy if i pull is their a chance that i’ll get Ericka or another one that they used as a promo…so what your saying is no,is that right?

No, you can’t pull Erika atm

well that just sucks…i understand the whole promo thing but they should leave them in the wheel

Sandy Carl Beta Lucas Joshua gator Jessie rosita (alert) barker shiva Siddiq negan (fast) Abraham and Shane

14 6starscurrently on the wheel with 1% chance of pulling one of them, now imagine the chance of getting the one u are going for

yes thank you i can see just fine to see the wheel a simple no they are only for specials would of worked just as good


The only legendary toons on the premier wheel are the ones normally in the premier wheel; Mira, ty, Shane, zek, shiva etc. Erika or Michinne for example will only be on the wheel when they are featured.

thanks everyone

I did a ten pull for Erika the night before the Sandy promo started and got Legendary Sandy, so yes you can. Anything can pop out of that wheel.

Not “anything” ericka, Madison, Alpha, Lucas, Dev, are examples of things you cannot pull at any given time.
Sandy i always in the wheel, the promotion for her now is simply “increased chances” of her being the one you pull

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This. Sandy is always on the wheel, it’s odd they have a promo for her

i think it’s a pretty shady practive. Just being honest. Scopely will only do the minimum amount of disclosure as required by Apple/ Google. Yes, we know that it’s 1% chance for a 6* and 1% chance for an ascendable 5*. But what are the ACTUAL odds that one pulls the promo toon. What does “increased chances” even relate to? If there are 14 other legendary/ ascendable characters in RnR, is it a ratable 1/15 chance of each (6.7% chance) of getting any specific character? For all we know, “increased chances” could mean a 7% chance at the promo toon and a 6.65% chance at everything else. How about some more transparency? 7% chance in that 1% means on average there are 7 premier toons in every 1,000 pulls. Sounds pretty ridiculous to me. That works out to 1 promo toon in every 143 pulls on average. Pretty rare. You try valuing that into coins/ currency - it works out to an implied value of somewhere between $400-500 per premier recruit.

Lastly, the sad thing is I’m not sure this isn’t that far off from the legacy RnR model, even in the 5* days. Let’s give the benefit of the doubt and say it’s $300 for a Promo toon. The issue I’ve had, and many other players have, is the definitive move to devalue all the old acquired toons by replacing with the 6* meta. You could have spent thousands and thousands on character such as 5* blue michonne, Konrad, Priya, etc. only to have them barely usable today.

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