Preventing Territories from going to Walkers


Because of the incentivization to attack territories, we are straining the system of fuel vs defensive teams. As defensive teams require a maximum of two attacks to clear (=2 units of fuel), that requires 6 fuel to attack. With 10 fuel available, we aren’t able to replace the teams fast enough, causing territories to go to walkers as people attempt to gain league points. Even if they place 3 teams on a territory already held by their faction (resulting in the use of 3 fuel without attacking), the remaining fuel (7) still outpaces the attackable teams that they placed. When territories are being attacked faster than they can be defended, and people are burning fuel to gain league points, (so already don’t have available fuel to replace), the issue becomes compounded.

This wasn’t an obvious flaw prior to the leagues because there wasn’t as large of an interest. If your faction held a territory, there was no need to attack another.

Suggestion: allow 6 defending teams. Max per player per territory should remain 3. This should adequately offset the current fuel consumption rates and help us to not waste our territory fuel (and subsequent league points) clearing walkers. With 6 defending teams, available over two territories, the maps should also open up more to offset the 6 teams (two territories) per player.


No one said you have to burn 10 energy in one sitting. Territory energy takes an hour to regenerate one. If people would break up their attacks every couple hours, hitting 3 and dropping 3 teams, it would resolve itself easily. Since the territories are changing hands as soon as shield drops, you would have 3 teams free to use again when you come back, and still never waste any energy.


Well you see, common sense would work but the only people dropping to walkers are just morons doing it on purpose. This is how it’s been in my region, at least.


I can only imagine what new flaws would appear if the placing of defence teams were altered. A much easier solution would be to make walkers a reason to increase activity. I would recommend increasing the amount of stages of walkers in each territory you’d encounter and the walkers per stage to raise the amount of walkers removed per energy used. Or perhaps a more dramatic strategy of removing the energy cost altogether for walker infested territories, kinda like war towers. You’d probably also need to make walker territories not pay out much if anything if this idea we’re adopted. Still, I think this would encourage people to quickly clear walker occupied territories no matter when they became overrun. Niether of these ideas should have much of a negative impact on limited time territory events like altering the amout of defence teams would.


People should wait around until their teams die to use the existing fuel? Sounds reasonable. Is that how you play, rationing your available energy in a game to make gameplay smoother for everyone! (Actually, I do generally hit at least two rounds of walkers when draining my fuel). However, you can’t expect everyone who plays a game to care more about the overall good of his fellow gamers than they do about their own reward gathering. That is the point of game designers.

Yes, I can only imagine there would be some bugs with revamping territories. But people have been crying for something to be done with territories, to have the bugs fixed, to make them more interesting.

Well, we have more interesting. Now we need the bug fixes. Enhancing the gameplay at the same time would be good, too. We all have territories that are going to walkers. Expecting people to completely avoid attacking and maximizing their point gathering in competitions for the sake of others is unreasonable. Accusing people of purposely doing something that the game, by design, is practically forcing them to do, isn’t problem solving.

Points for clearing walker territories would also be good. Adding more waves of walkers would only exacerbate the issue. We don’t want to clear out walkers. It’s wasting our ability to gather league points to attack walkers. So no one wants to clear them to get a territory. Incentivize walkers.

Ideally, though, we would be able to add more defensive teams and have an expanded map.


Yes, that is how myself, and the faction I lead play.

If anyone cares about their prize incentives they would do the same. It is short-sighted, and actually really stupid, to not drop teams because when all the territories are walkers, no one is getting rewards.

No one expects this. I have managed Diamond IV solo ranking, and Diamond II faction ranking without sending a single territory to walkers. Like I said, they can break up their hits. Most don’t log on the game only once every 10 hours, especially if they are trying to “maximize their points”. They would then be forgoing raid points if that was true.


The solution is simple and it’s one of the following:

  • Remove trophies and over time things might go back to “normal”.

  • Make is so trophies are only earned for every hour a spot is held. None for an attack.

I think the second suggestion is the way to go. And while we are making this change figure out what’s causing all the crashes and fix it. It’s embarrassing.


Keep in mind the amount of character slots needed to fill said territories. I am guessing I sacrifice about 50 to 60 a day to fill. The sad part is not many other are doing the same. So I am pretty close to just ignoring that whole part of the game.

While they are fixing it I hope they will fix the damn pop up that takes up enough screen that i cannot hit attack or other items until it clears… This makes me want to throw my fucking Ipad. Between the all white territories that cause crashes and make it so you cannot attack because of the damn popups. I say remove the shit from the game entirely. It is pretty useless. But thats just my thoughts… Unless they can fix it they should just remove it. It is one giant clusterfuck.


I think we all understand that Scopely fixing the issue would be the best solution, but in the mean time, we as players have to come up with solutions to continue to play as it is. Or we can just sit here crying in forums, hoping… and accomplish nothing. :grinning:


Excuse me? I did come up with a solution to the problem. It’s up to them to take care of it.

No tears here sweetie. I am quite enjoying watching the chaos unfold in one of the worst modes in the game. I also find it quite amusing to think you can get hundreds of people in a region to stop walkering every spot by demanding that they do so. If I were in your region I would drop every single spot of yours and yours alone to walkers just to see you get upset and complain in GC. :laughing:

It’s a competitive game. Get used to it.


I wouldn’t mind taking territories from walkers if it didn’t take 20 attacks to do so. 4 and 5 walkers per stage is a joke. Up it to 14-16 per stage or even 18-20. That way it would only take around 4-5 hits to take a terr. That would be a temp solution. Making walkers count for league points would be a more perm solution.


I’m not wasting energy to reclaim a territory , they made it more worthwhile to attack then occupy


Before yesterday i was attributing this shit show to rogue players being lazy and not applying teams for the hell of it, but now i’m not so sure. I think maybe just maybe the inclusion of league trophies for territory attacks has made an already glitchy territory system glitch even more with all of the added activity in territorys.
Yesterday I attempted to attack surefire 3 times and every time my game crashed after attack and i was unable to apply teams and the shit went to walkers :confused:


Go ahead and walker them. Then there will be no competition. The regions that come together, and problem solve will keep scoring league points, and yours won’t because all your territories are in walkers, waiting for Scopely to save you. Doesn’t really seem a strong strategy to me, but whatever floats your boat. Good luck with it, sir. :grinning:


I don’t recall anyone putting you in charge. So act like the territory police all you want because it won’t stop people from sending spots to walkers all day long until Scopely, not you, makes a change.

And the only logical change that they can make to stop people from sending all the spots to walkers would be to either remove trophies from territories all together or to make them a reward holding a spot instead of attacking one.


Why not give leagues points also to beat walkers? easy and not request any brain to do so…so perfect for this game


Because then people will still continue to walker every spot. With your suggestion sure trophies are being given for any attack but putting the reward on holding a spot would be much more practical and it would ensure most spots are not continuously walkered.


Not bothering for anything other than crits and the occasional 5* token territory when I’m close to a pull. Territories is a hot mess. Why should the player base have to fix the gaming companies mistakes? Swear this game is the worst thing ever designed


While bugs are causing a few spots to go to walkers it’s people who are doing most of the damage. Some for fun, some because they don’t care, and some because it gives them pleasure to watch people lose their minds over in GC. I fall into the don’t care category but I do get some good laughs from seeing people argue over in GC because of this.

Frankly, I hope they don’t change a thing. Most fun this game has been in ages. Territories has and always will suck.


Here’s a possible solution to the problem:

  • Award bonus league trophies for placing a defence team after a successful attack on an enemy held territory (encourages players to place defences.)

  • If a territory is captured but no defence has been placed, put it into a 2 minute cooldown timer similar to war towers. During this time, 1 defence can be placed for free by any faction member to capture the territory.

  • If nobody applies defence after 1 minute, the option for enemy factions to place a defence will also be available for the remaining 1 minute. This will cost the enemy 1 energy but they will receive league trophies for taking the territory.

  • If after 2 minutes nobody has placed any defence, it will go back to walkers, but will start off with a small number that increases over time.

  • If a faction purposely removes all their defence from a territory they hold, it will also go into a 2 minute cooldown timer during which any enemy faction can take it over for 1 energy with league trophies awarded (discourages purposely abandoning territories.)

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